Taking E1 and E2 together

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I will be sitting E1 Enterprise Operations in May 2010.  I had planned on doing E2 Enterprise Management at the same time, but now I'm considering doing E2 in November 2010 instead.


The reason I am considering doing both is that I have been granted exemptions from the other four Managerial papers.   (or rather the other two Operational and two Managerial as they are under the new syllabus)  I can thank doing a degree where a CIMA past president (Roland Kaye) also had a strong hand in designing my uni course for that.


What it means though is that I have only two papers from the old Managerial level to do, but they are the two from the same pillar.   Can anyone help me weigh up the pros and cons of doing them together?


Unless I'm completely mistaken E1/E2 is equivalent to the current syllabus versions of P4 & P5? I've just done them both together, alongside P1.

I would say that I spent an equal time revising both P4 and P5 together as I did just P1 (the Management Accounting module). There is alot of theory in P5 that is covered also in P4. Therefore you don't have to duplicate revision.

I would suggest checking out the syllabus for each and ticking off similarities. That will give you a better idea of what to expect. I would definitely say that you should take them both together though!

Pros and Cons

Siona: you're right, they are the 'replacements' for P4 and P5. I have CIMA's official Learning Systems for both units, which I have skimmed through to see what is involved.

I have also covered quite a bit of the material before, especially on my degree course.

It would also be the first CIMA exam I do, which is slightly offset by it being the first time this paper is set at all! It would probably be quite a gentle introduction to the Professional level to just do the one exam.

However it would add six months to the time it takes for me to finish the exams. As I'm already thinking of taking my time and allowing a year for the strategic level (ie skipping an exam season after finishing the last managerial), this would mean I couldn't do TOPCIMA until Spring 2012 at the earliest.

On the other hand, I already suffer to an extent from my qualifications being (somewhat) better than my experience. Taking the whole of 2010 to finish off Managerial level allows me more time to try and get into a better position. Although I am working it is not giving me good enough work experience for CIMA; hopefully the job market will be picking up in the next year.

Taking on less study means that I don't need to place so many demands on my time and energy. On the other hand only taking one exam at a time could be seen as a lack of drive and ambition.