When I can Put Part Qualified Accountant on my CV?

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 I am working as Account Assistant in one of the company.

I have cleared the Foundation Level of CIMA  and passed 2 exams from the managerial level in 2007.

 After that I stopped my studies due to some personal reason, but now I want to re-continue my studies and found that as per the new 2010 syallbus, I need to give only E1 papers to clear the Operational Level and move towards the Managerial Level.

I want ot know if I will cleare the operational level as per 2010 syallbus, Am I  eligible to put myself as Part Quaified Accountant on my CV.

 if not, when I can put so.

 Please reply to my question on my email below:

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Waiting for the reply.

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Hi Sakshi,

Full completion of the CIMA qualification including the practical experience requirement is broadly equivalent to a Master’s degree and has post graduate status in the UK. CIMA have only given a classification for full completion of the qualification and avoid reference to the term, “Part Qualified”. Some companies do use this term frequently however in relation to CIMA qualification this is open to interpretation and could mean a variety of things depending on requirement. 

An employer may ask for a candidate who is part qualified, however depending on the employer’s requirement this could refer to a student at various points in the qualification whether it be Certificate/Operational/Management/Stategic level or completing T4.

Therefore using the term "part-qualified" may be confusing and I suggest that you refer to yourself as a "CIMA Student, Operational level" on your CV to clarify things with potential employers.


I hope this helps!

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Part Qualified

As Elizabeth says, employers may mean different things when they ask for a "part qualified" accountant. In the new 2010 syllabus CIMA have introduced a series of interim awards so that students completing Operational level will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting and those who have completed the Management level will be rewarded with the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. These Diplomas make it easier for students to get recognition for the progress they have achieved to date and to indicate to prospective employers what they know and should be able to do. Once you have passed your E1, you will be able to put on your CV that you have the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting which should make your current status more clear.

Good luck inyour exams


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