P3, F3, E3 - course notes wanted

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I would be very interesting in buying CIMA strategic course notes (preferably BPP), if you wish to sell them, please get in touch!


Many thanks in advance,


Strategic Books


I have CIMA text books for all three. let me know if you are intrested.


Strategic Level Study text & passcard - F3, P3 & E3

I have BPP study text & passcard for Exam Nov10 & May11 (clearly stated on the cover). The original price for both for each paper is £45.  Now I'll sell (each paper) for less than half price at £20. Any P&P will be on top of that. Email / contact me if you're interested for the study materials. I may also bundle in some other notes (DEF airport case study) for free!!! Kind regards, Bernard.

Strategic Level Study text & passcard - F3, P3 & E3

Bernard, What about £50 for the lot plus postage? I’m based in Northern Ireland, how much would postage be? Thanks,David

BPP E3 revision notes

Hi, I have BPP E3 revision notes to sell. Anyone interested, please contact me.


Hi there I am interested in the notes

Study materials


I have Kaplan study materials for E3, P3 and F3 for sale, 2010 new syllubus

For each paper I have the study text book, study notes, revision kit (exam Q & A's), pass cards and revision notes

 I am looking for around £40 per paper

Please contact me if you are interested



study materials E3,P3

Hi Izabelle,

 I'm looking just for study notes - E3 & P3. 

If you still wish to sell them please get in touch with me and let me know how much would you like for them.

 Many thanks in advance!



hi there

i have my own  bpp e3 p3 f3 p1 p2 course notes and revision notes to sell you can contact me

KAPLAN / CIMA OFFICIAL Notes and Exam Kit and Passcards E3 F3

Hi, I have E3 Kaplan Exam kit and pass cards from 2010 syllabus for sale. I also Have CIMA OFFICIAL STUDY TEXT, E3 and P3 and F3.

Let me know if you may be interested



Study Materials for Sale

I have BPP study texts, P&R kits, study notes for all of the strategy papers.  Also have the same for E2 and P2.  I have some more stuff for the other papers under the old syllabus but I doubt anyone will be interested in that.

 All materials are in good condition except the study notes which I have written all over.  Some of the P&R kits has writing in it too.

 Message me if anyone is interested in buying.