E3 results

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Here is a place for all students who sat E3 in November to talk about how they did once the results are released on Tuesday 15 January.

How did you do?

If you have not yet received your exam results please read this FAQ blog post about exam results before posting.


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just see the result..55 ...clear  strategic level... TOPCIMA one more ahead!...

F3 = 60 , P3 = 74 but E3 = 42 :(

F3 = 60 , P3 = 74 but E3 = 42 :(

First attempt - Self study

P3=53 , E=43, F3=46

Was my first attempt. I only had bpp text and revision kits. No tution or revision classes at all.

frustrating results

P3 - 52, F3 - 56 and E3 - 34 frustrating,k guys what is the procedure for writing in march 2013 sitting. kindly update whehter we will be having any centre in chennai or not


aim  to clear cima by june 2013 so that it can improve my financial barriers 

E3 - seems to be a bottleneck for strategic level

Vivek Ganatra wrote:
F3 = 60 , P3 = 74 but E3 = 42 :(

E3 - seems to be a bottleneck for strategic level

Nivesh . wrote:
Vivek Ganatra wrote:
F3 = 60 , P3 = 74 but E3 = 42 :(


waiting for march sitting now..cant help...:(

Keep your efforts alive

Well done vivek. At least you passed 2 papers in one attempt. Look at me. I passed all three papers one by one. I have job and family responsibilites, yet I did not lose my heart and carried on. You will pass in next attempt.

Boost up your efforts
Efforts lead to struggle
Struggle leads to success
Success if life
So always keep your efforts alive


thanks Shahzad

Really inspiring words...On second thoughts , the level of preparation I had , I think I got ok marks..will gear up for march..

 Thank God , no family responsibilities..a job though..but thats ok

Passed two

E3- 50,   P-3  53  But F-3 46

hope to sit soon in march to clear F-3 and in MAy hopefully T-4

Umesh Kumar Malani

KArachi, Pakisani 

E3 November Exam Results

How do you get your results ?

E3 November Exam Results

How do you get your results ?

E3 results

Theyre emailed to you Ewan but you had to have selected within your CIMA profile that you wanted them emailed by the deadline of 2 weeks ago

E3 November Exam Results

Thanks for that Sarah. 

I thought they automatically sent the results by e-mail.

Nevermind, I suppose I'll get my result on MY CIMA at 2pm, I haven't passed anyway. 



best of luck, i think everyone feels nervous now :( i hope they go better than ur expecting

Can't sleep

Anyone from the UK got their results yet? My brain won't switch off it will be a struggle to wake up for work!! Arghh please let it be good news! 

Got them

Got them at 3 o'clock. Based in London. Good luck to everyone!! D

Got mine too

I'm based in the UK 

Me too

Yay passed  e3 so pleased. Best of luck to all 

2 out of 3

Passed E3 & P3 failed F3. Still pleased with these results march resit for F3!

3rd attempt

E3 is getting hell for my first attempt i got 48, then 46, and now 45..declinning my score every time i attempt :( :(


E3 - 36

F3 - 56

P3 - 54


Passed two in my first attempt unable  to get over E3 somehow ....

E3 - Something strange

i Think E3 is the paper which most of the people sucessfully managed to Fail. Why is it so ????

third time lucky

Finally passed this paper on my third attempt. 

Just the dreaded F3 to go 

Hard work paid off

Woo hooo.......results came thro at 3:16 tis morning - I was waiting for them!!

E3 = 66%

F3 = 64%

P3 = 61%

 Absolutely delighted! Now - for T4... 

E3 Passed

E3 Passed - 54 marks




E3 - 75%.  My highest in an E exam ever. 

E3 &P3

Finally passed both P3 and E3 on the second attempt:-) All three are done now; very happy:-)

Passed all 3!!!

E3 = 64, P3 = 62, F3 = 62.


T4 prepare to get slaughtered!!!

E3 - Vaque Que's

P3-58, E3-31 (lowest ever)


- Poor que understanding

-Tricky and VAQUE questions. Couldn’t understand whether the examiner was asking to calculate or analyse!!

-Kurt Levin que (Looking at the name Kurt Lewin I selected it thinking it was something to do with changes )

-over confidence (I managed to get 68 for E2)

-Bad hand writing

-Poor timing

How about you guys? Can I know the pass rates??? 

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E3-58%, P3-65%..........