May 2010 Papers

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In case you're sad like me and want to go through it all again (without the incredible time pressure), the May 2010 papers have been posted on the CIMA website. They're under Students>2010 Qualification>then the level, then  on the right are the paper number and study resources. They're all there with the mark allocations. No answers as yet so you cant see how you've done.


Im just glad its all over for a while. My head was about to explode


Good luck

May 2010 Papers

Think I am just being really stupid but I can't find them........

Please can you post a link?


I can only see the pilot papers?


Ah they're there for E3 & P3 but not F3 yet...

P 01 Paper

Little bit tough than we expected!!, This is new syllabus!!!....


FS Paper

Exam Q and As

Hello everyone,

The corresponding answers for the May 2010 Exam Questions, will be available to view and download by the end of this month.

Post exam guidance will be released at the end of July.

Kind Regards

CIMAsphere Moderator

May 2010 exams


Now that everyone's glad they are finally over, how did everyone do for the 3 papers? Which one was your best and worst shot?

I felt E3 and P3 were quite good, F3 was achievable but a bit of time pressure.

 It'll be great to have everones' thoughts.


exam q ans a's


What a wait

I check the website everyday with the hope to find the answers? How long will we have to wait to see the exam answers finally, 'coz this would give us some anticipation about our results and we can start preparing for the resit if the need be...


Is there a reason why it takes so long to upload the answers?

Are they not prepared at the same time as the question papers?


I would guess (though I don't know for certain) that the answers will not be put up for some time yet.  There was always a delay in posting the answers but, I suspect the opportunity to resit in September under the same scenario, will delay this even further.

When I sat TOPCima last September (I passed, thankfully, and all this is now behind me), students were told that the answers would not be published until after the November sitting because they contained detailed analysis of the case study, which would prove a significant benefit to those taking the later sitting.

In short, don't expect them until at least late September.


We've been told they are due out before the end of the month. Can't really see why there is so much of a delay

What say moderators?

Exam answers are still not up, it's now the end of this month I think, what do moderators have to say - how long will it still take for the answers to be up?

30 days in June

Don't know about you guys but there are 30 days in June right? So no point complaining that they haven't gone up until 9am GMT on 1st July...

Good to know

Thank you for your prompt response Sam, however I think the last few days of the months from 25th/26th onwards are counted as end of the month, it's just not the last day of the month really...


Beth wrote:

Hello everyone,

The corresponding answers for the May 2010 Exam Questions, will be available to view and download by the end of this month.

Post exam guidance will be released at the end of July.

Kind Regards

CIMAsphere Moderator


be patient man, they have until midnight on the 30th until you can start complaining :D 

Patience be damned!

Okay, yes they do technically have until midnight tomorrow but come on!

CIMA know full well how people feel about these exams and they also know that "by the end of this month" to most people means a few days before since we are all a bit highly strung over them.

The sooner the better I say, it's not as though the answers wouldn't have been known for a while. It would be a bit tight of them to leave it till the last minute.

 Any actual target times would be appreciated as it would stop people bothering to look...


The delay is probably due to an assesment of not only the examiners ideal answers but what the majority of the students have put.


For example if a question was written in a way that the examiner thought would be answered in a certain way, however students (majority) explored different avenues, especially in E3 then the examiners and markers would be required to meet and discuss what is the ideal answer.

 So to immediatly publish the answers would be wrong especially if the ideal answer had an error or students rightly identified something else missed by the markers/examiners.

I dont see what the issue is really, just relax until the results are out, as after all you can guess to your hearts content what you got and make reasonable estimates, but what you cannot asses is how the markers marked your paper in terms of presentation, etc.  Also can you really remeber exactly how you answered a question during last May, I certainly cant.


If your looking to get more exam practice in for potential resits, you cant go far wrong with looking at earlier papaers since the one you just took wont be questioned again come September/November.



Too late now...

These are not supposed to be ideal answers from I have been led to believe, just the examiners answers since, as we all know, there are many ways of answering a lot of the questions.

There is obviously a feeling though that most people want to see these answers as soon as they can. Speaking for myself I would be happy if they had said they wouldnt put the answers out until after the results as it stops me having to think about it. But, since they have said the answers will be out at this time then it just makes a lot of people fret.

I will have to look at the answers when they do come out, can't help myself, even though like Gaz_WBA says, it is hard to remember what you put.

WBA eh? Welcome back to the Premier son. From a Wolves fan. Make the most of it...


Well said

I quite agree with Monkey Boy here, and the reasons for our anxiety, though I'm not denying many facts of Gaz_WBA. As we all agree there are many right answers to every question in Strategic level, getting to know what examiners answers are, gives a good insight of CIMA's expectations. Atleast we then know, are we anywhere near what they expect!!!

 Though we can obviously not remember exactly what we wrote, we can probably not forget our reasoning of questions and may be improve on our rationalism, if we do have to attempt resit.

 That said, fingers crossed, I wish from the core of my heart and hope we (if possible - none of us) don't have to attempt resit, Amen! 


I don't think CIMA waits to read every students' answers and include their logics and content in their official answers. 

As Matt Ellis pointed out above, I reckon the anwers and marking guides would be prepared, before they can actually mark our scripts, or wouldn't they?


Any update on the posting of answers for May 2010 term questions. It was supposed to be done by the end of current month and it is 30.06.2010.... closing date for most businesses:-)

Examiners' answers for P3 and E3

Dear all

The examiners' answers for the Performance and Enterprise pillars can now be accessed via your MyCIMA account, under Student Information/past exam questions and answers. The Financial pillar papers will be available shortly.

Many thanks

CIMAsphere moderator


Great, thanks Rebecca


When will the PEG for T4 be uploaded?

F3 Exam Paper - May 2010 Working cap question error?

Is it just me or has examiner mixed up the figures in the answers? The min working cap figure for payables is 7.40 not 14.79 which is the max figure for working cap.

Can someone please check this out?



Examiner is correct

Hi Ros, the examiner is correct. He is looking for the minimum and maximum working capital requirements, the minimum capital required will be when your accounts receivable and inventory are at their lowest and your accounts payable are at their highest (i.e. when people are extending you credit you need less "cash" to hand). Similarly for the max capital requirements you take the minimum AP, max AR and max inventory.

 Hope that makes sense.

That is right but how about...

E3 Question 3b - the answers appear to be the wrong way round.

Part i) asks for 4 CSFs and part ii) asks for 2 KPIs for each CSFs -
The answers are written the other way round.

Now, I am sure that the examiner would answer that as a whole the question has been successfully answered (which it has) but I am quite sure that if I had written my answers the wrong way round a different view would be taken.

If the markers are marking these answers the other way round then that is 20 points out of the window straight away (I could do with those extra marks you know)

F3 Financial Strategy Question 1


 I am turning my head around to find out how did the examiner arrive at the exchange rate calculations? The question stated that C$1 = US$ 4.00 ; it is expected that US strengthen against C$ 5% each year. Home currency is C$. My own calculation of the following year's exchange rate is US$4 X 0.95 so it would be USD 3.80.

The examiner's answer is USD 3.81, and all of the following years exchange rates are differ from my answers. No workings provided by the examiner though.

 Can anyone please advise? Thanks.