Strategic level exams

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I'm now planning to register for CIMA Strategic level exams for the first time.

And I have a few questions on this matter:

- As you know, I have to take all 3 exams at a time. Now I would like to clarify, what does this mean? I will then have all these exams in one day, one after another?

- For CMGA exam, some online study materials were available for me at Will such materials be avilable for strategic level as well? Or will this be for extra charge?

- I've ordered the study books and practise kits from Bpp. However, would like to start studying before recieving those in order not to waste time. What's your advice? what free materials are available for these papers?

 Thank you!

Strategic level

Hi Sh J,

1-  You have to sit all three exams at ONCE - in a SINGLE EXAM SITTING (CIMA earlier levels don't have this rule). Whether you would sit in one day or two days depend upon your time table. For May exams, you'll have to sit E3, P3 and F3 on the May 22nd, 23rd and on the 24th respectively. 

2- For CMGA, your course fees included access to the cimastudy online study materials. For Strategic levels, your fees does not include materials. Thus, you may have to buy them seperately from (my personal advise is not to buy materials for Strategic levels. They're not of a very high quality!)

3- I'm sorry I could not think any of free materials for Strategic levels. You may search in Google to see what you get for free. Believe me, when I searched, I got your above question as the first result - lol :-D

Thank you

Thank you very much for the detailed answers!!!