2013 exam dates

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Hi all

I am getting married next year on 23/02/13 in New Zealand and would like to plan ahead by booking flights etc soonish. 

I am also anticipating possibly having to do a TOPCIMA exam abroad (possibly Sydney) after the festivities, assuming I dont pass every paper until then. 

I know it is too early for exam dates, but I need to know ASAP if possible.

I assume based on previous years that there are two weeks the resits could take place:


25 February - 1 March 2013


4 March - 8  March 2013

Anyone have any idea which week they might be?




March 2013 exams - strategic level


Did you get a reply on this?

(I'd also like to know as am planning being away at the same time)

2013 exam dates

Looks like the T4 (PC sitting) is 26 February, 2013. All the details are on the 'When' tab here: