face to face assessment

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I have completed the case study and I now need to complete my practical record, can anyone tell me what happens at  the face to face assessments?

 I can find seem to see any details on the website?


I put in to book one as I like the thought that I can be assessed in an hour and then I'm done! Not sure what to expect, what I need to prepare before hand etc...



face to face assessment

Hi, I went for this assessment last year and was unbeleivably nervous, but they were really nice and not at all as daunting as I thought they'd be.


It's sort of like a job interview, but instead of a job you get your letters and qualify.

Put as much detail down as possible, even if it's not on the copy you give to them (ie, write notes to remind YOURSELF what jobs you've done, so that if they ask you what you did in a certain job role you can confidently tell them. Don't take these in with you though, just think about details is all I mean!) You fill in the forms and go with the mentality of "what makes ME worth CIMA having" I suppose, like you would if you were wanting a job off the interviewer.

Go through the criteria and tick the ones you've written about. You'd be surprised when you look at what's left that you've probably done something on each of them but just not written it down. (It's probably not a major part of the job role). so go back and write it in.

If you're a "draft writing" person: When you've written your draft in the first place, perhaps ask someone to read it if you can. Preferably not the person you worked for/with in the jobrole you're describing. That way if it doesn't make sense to a stranger they can tell you. A boss or collegue at work might do this for you, especially if they're going to sign off some of it for you anyway. Otherwise just ask a friend to read it to you maybe.

Hope this helps.  Leona