Feb T4 exam hints

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Hi, I am planning to write the T4 PC based exam in Feb, can anyone who wrote this exam / the teaching specialist give me more tips re:

 1) If PC based, how many words would the marker expect that won't be considered as short?  For paper base, I think is 2500 words; when I count the pass papers forPC base, looks like it is a good 7000 words of typing in 3 hours!?

2) How would you allocate your time?  If I spend the first 30 minutes all math & appendix, and spend the rest 150 minutes writing would that be a risk am out of time? I want to spend the first 1 hours get all answers (include calculation) lay out the plan, then write non stop for rest of time.  Does it sounds like a good plan?  Meaning if 7000 words is to write in 150 words, that would be a real stretch....

3) I study the BPP T4 book, so follow strictly the format will I please the marker that it is a acceptable format, or a little of creativity / personal style is appreicated?

 Thanks, may be more but this is it for now!