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There appears to be conflicting information between talking to fellow students, some online forums and information provided within some well known course providers study texts with regards to how many answer booklets you are provided with when sitting paper based T4 exams.

Please can an official CIMA representative confirm if students should be given two answer booklets at the begining of the T4 exam or if the standard exam rules apply :

3D - 'Supplementary answer books will only be handed out when you have completed your initial answer book'

If two answer booklets are provided for T4 exams then do CIMA publish seperate exam rules to specify this?

Many thanks for the confirmation


T4 answer books

Hi James

Students sitting the paper based T4 exam are given two answer books at the start of the exam - if you only have one book on your desk ask the invigilator for a second.

For all other exams a second book is only available after the first has been completed.

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Exam Rules

Hello Rebecca

Many thanks for your reply. Further clarification has also been provided to my tutor as per the e-mail below:


T4 candidates only will have two books on the desk at the start of the exam – one answer book at 32 pages and one supplementary answer book at 16 pages.

Candidates sitting all other papers will only be give a supplementary book once the first one is full.


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The only outstanding issue now appears to be why CIMA do not specify this in the exam rules applicable to T4.

I have just downloaded my admission advice for the T4 exam in May and it clearly requests that I download a copy of the exam rules and regulations and read them carefully. My problem is that upon reading them I am not given the correct information as they do not state T4 is any different to other paper based examinations.

Please can you look into amending the paper based exam rules and regulations to provide students of T4 with the correct information in a transparent fashion

Many thanks