T4 Examiner's Answers

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CIMA Moderator,

I am unable to see a copy of the November 2010 T4 Examiner's Answers.

The link is not visible in My CIMA, since I have the links for a member (I sat PC based exams, I got my results on 16th December and PER signed off in December too). It would still be good to see the examiner's answers.

Would appreciate it if you could email a copy of the same or update the link on my profile.




Same story!!


I was thinking the same - passed T4 on PC in sept but would have liked to have seen the answers too!!! Thought so hard about it at the time and so many decisions to make and never found out where I went right/wrong....


maybe someone from CIMA can help?


The link for September answers isn't working otherwise I could email them to you.


Exam Q and A`s

Hello all,

I can confirm that the issue has been resolved and you should now able to open the PDF for the September 2010 T4 answers.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please PM me your Contact ID and email address and I can send this document to you.

I hope this helps

Kind Regards


CIMAsphere Moderator