T4 PC Based Result on December 13, 2012

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Just 3 days to go for my T4 PC based result. Thinking all the time the outcome of my result.


Do you know what time the results come through? I am really nervous already! I hope the results come through early as its my birthday on Thursday too so I don't want to be worrying all day!!

Good luck! 

T4 Result

12 Midnight I think so


It would have been slightly amusing if all results were released on the;

12/12/12 12;12:12 pm.



Results are out at 8am on the 13th Dec


is 8am right ?  ive never got up during the night to check but did check my last ones about 7am and the email was there.  Wish knew now, the waiting is horrible. Good luck to everybody

T4 Result

Less then 12 hours remin for our result. Let pray for each one to get sucess in the final paper of CIMA

T4 results dec 13

My paper based results for T4 are due next january mid. Let me wish all of you PC based candidates of T4 - best of luck for tomarrow. may god bless you all...

Important note: release of results

Hello all,

Just to clarify, result emails for this exam will be launched from 8am GMT on Thursday 13 December.

Best regards,


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T4 Result

So in Pakistan, I would expect result on 1 PM as per PST....So it looks 20 hours left to receive my result


cheers adrian

T4 Result

D Housing was a tricky case. With the May and March 2012 Jot case the T4 global pass rate was 55%. The September 2012 D housing case dropped to 48%. (November 2011: 60%; May 2011: 59%). This tells a story bout the complexity of the case.


Good luck everyone,

I've not had an email yet, but on checking the exam results section of MyCIMA, I've got 32 credits for T4. My heart sank initially thinking I'd failed, then I remembered it's out of 50, so thats a 64% and hence a pass! First time as well, I'm very relieved and happy.


Just checked the CIMA site I passed.  No more studying Woo Hoo


Just now saw the My CIMA Exam area and found just passed with 25 credits. Ooops a big releif and a very narrow escape.


Congrats to you, Joseph, on passing T4. Good luck to other aspirants.

I checked my results on MyCIMA and have passed the exam with 30 credits. It was my first attempt too. Indeed, the 'Pass' is a matter of pride and relief. I would like to thank CIMA for its Post Exam Guides and study support guides which really helped me understand the exam requirements and structure my thoughts methodically and deliver my answers. I had the Official Learning System (2010 edition) authored by Nick Best and Consultant editor Heather Barnwell, which helped me understand the nature of exam, how to prioritize and put an organized structure to the report. I certainly benefited by attempting about 9 mocks under time pressure (2 from BPP + their answer to the Aug.2012 exam and 6 mocks from Nick Best's Astranti).

My gratitude to God and CIMA for an excellent 'MyCIMA' that gives access to past questions and solutions. The CIMA website also has extremely useful support guides that tell a student about study techniques, particularly videos such as "Real Life Exam Techniques" by David Harris.

Today, I am off to savour these moments of glory. Wishing other aspirants the very best.




Passed first time, thank God.

Thanks to BPP for providing an excellent course and fab teachers. I have only used BPP throughout the qualification and would certaintly reommend them to aspirant students.

Good luck to everyone across the world.

passed ????

not got an email yet...but got 34 credits when i login to MyCIMA........:D

Congrats for passed finalists :)

Many Congrats for everyone who passed the paper. I would appriciate if u guys would just make a note on what your prioritization and the recommendations for the issues were. It would help us to identify what the examiner was really expecting from us.


thank you. 


Big Congratz to those who passed :D 


Think i went:


P2 Green homes 

P3 resturcturing 

P4 Trevil..

P5 (labels Others) New CEO and 6% drop 



Congratulations to my fellow passed finalists. 

PASSED with 27 credits!

Big thanks to Channa and the team at who were my tuition provider.


Got 35 credits (first attempt). I'm very pleased.

Congrats to all who have passed !!!!


My prioritization was 

 1.     JV Project

2.     Green Homes

3.     Company Structure

4.     Trevill Project

(I assumed new CEO was already aware about the profit fall hence new forecast so this was not an issue to discussed in the report, as BOD has crystallized on this)   

However I explained about profit drop per new forecast and also pointed out about “profit warnings” to share holders per FSA requirements.



1.     H&S issue

2.     Staff redundancies (in company restructure)

3.     News Paper Article


pass first time

32 credits , or 64%, over the moon, can get a normal family life back at last !

Hope others have the same relief and can enjoy their christmas.

Looking to put together my CPD forms after christmas and the new year


My email says 28 credits but MyCima still only has my August mark of 24 credits.


At least I hope that's my August grade and my email is correct....

Passed FT

What a relief to never see one of those emails again! :D


I am over the moon at the moment! One of the greatest things I have ever done!

 My order was as follows;

1. Green Hones

2. JV

3. Divisional structure,

4. Trevill Developments.


Wishing you all the best of luck in your results! Now to have a wonderful Christmas!

I have just got my result for T4 and passed with 27/50. I cannot praise TCP highly enough. They are very professional and defintely the best college I have studied with and I have studied both with Kaplan and BPP.

They do everything in their power to ensure you pass and if you do all they say you will pass. Guaranteed! What they cannot guarantee is that the student will put the work in required.

They specialise in T4 and they really know what they talking about. On top of all this they are just about the cheapest in the market.



Just realised my result was on the 2nd page on MyCima.


I passed with 28 credits. Such a relief after getting 24 credits in September.


My prioritisation was:

1) Restructure/centralisation

2) Greener Homes

3) Trevill Development

4) JV in Country Y


My Ethical Issues were:

1) H&S issue in Country Y

2) Payments in Country Y

3) Actions groups at Trevill Development


I have done the whole qualification through BPP and would recommend them.


I finally passed on the 2nd attempt with 34 marks! Congratulations to everyone else who did, it's a fantastic feeling.

For those who didn't, keep going - you will do it!

result date paper based t4 nov 12 and prioritisation

can anybody tell me th


I'm probably being impatient, but is anyone else still awaiting their results email? I already know my result as I looked on MyCIMA, but it would be nice to have it in an email as well.

I'm definitely signed up for results by email as I double checked before the exam, and I've received results by email before.

No big hurry, but it would be nice to see that email for the last time!

Hope Please

Hi Everybody,


I won't get my result until January as I sat the paper based T4 examination. Can anybody give me some confidence in that they passed T4 but included the CEO and revenue decline as a top priority. Apart from this I think I did ok, but I am now very nervous after reading the priorities above from the people that have passed.