New Syllabus - Study Materials

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Does anyone know if/when there will be study books available for the new syllabus?

Will there be an updated reading list, based on the new syllabus?



Waiting for official info release, too

I guess the CBA level books can be used until the new CBA syllabus release (maybe in 2011).

The 2009 books are probably not applicable for the 2010 Profession Qualification exam.

Is there any official news about this?

Some information

It would appear that the study books etc for the new syllabus are available from the 01/07/2009. I never got a response from the publishers, but I did manage to find them on the Tesco website, which confirms this date.


They are selling CIMA study books in Tesco?


Not in the store, but through their website.


I'll have to have a look then, could always use more Tesco points. Anyone think it a bit annoying that you have to type in a subject every time you reply to a post?

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Subject lines in replies to discussion posts

Ok, good answer. I think they do something similar on IMDB and you get an email with a link that you click and you get taken straight to the reply to a post that you have made. They have this thing in place where the subject line is automatically the same as the top of the thread whenever you reply to someone- but you can change it if you want. Maybe you could try that.

New Syllabus - Study Materials

I lately received a response from CimaPublishing that the 2010 Syllabus study materials should be out and available for sale from July 2009. Other publishers like BPP, Kaplan etc should also have the 2010 Syllabus study materials out and available for sale by July 2009. However, I see no point in buying any new 2010 Syllabus study materials prematurely since there is still the November 2009 sitting under the current 2005 syllabus.

CIMA syllabus

hi, I am trying to buy P1 and P5 books to sit in November 2009 exams and finding all sort of editions on the websites. Please can anyone let me know if 2007 or 2008 editions are still valid for November 2009 exams. Regards,


I hvae sucessfully passed p4,p7 & p1 in nov2009 now do i receive diploma in management accounting.

Not relevant

This is relevant to the many other threads on the diploma subject - the answer is no.  Look it up if you want more clarification.

Best Book for Stratergic level



Can anybody suggest me the best published books for Stratergic level(new syallbus ).

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