Postpone the exam

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I'm from Srilanka.

I have completed M1 and taking another 02 subjects in this may. However because of some critical health problems I have missed lot of studying time. Have any one know that is there any option to postpone the exams. ?



Can you not just take them at next sitting? I don't see how you can postpone when there are two sittings a year (assuming this is the case outside of the uK)


You don't have to take it however you will not get your money back so might be worth having a go.


Hi, As far as I know you can't postpone exams. Like Richard mentions you wont get a refund so may as well give it ago! How ever you can ask CIMA for an appeal so they can take your situation into account. I did this after November sitting as I was made redundant a month or two before my exams. For obvious reasons I'd spent more time looking for another job and worrying than actually studying! Still failed though unfortunately! You have to write to CIMA Exams Appeal Board giving full details and provide supporting not just anyone can do it just to get a pass!!!! All the details needed can be found on CIMA web site. Hope you're feeling better!