Green technologies - what will work?

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A recent Insight article talked about the need for organisations to address climate change and asked how management accountants can input into the strategic decision-making to help organisations adapt.

Many organisations and countries are already looking to green technologies to combat climate change and dwindling resources, however no one solution will be the most effiecient in every area.  Solar power and wind technology seem to be the most popular, but the BBC list on its web site several other areas of sustainable enegry that are being developed around the world.

Some of the countries attending the Copenhagen Summit (COP15) have already set themselves targets for developing green technology.  For example the US is proposing to invest $150 billion in renewable energy, and India has pledged to install 20,000MW of solar power in the next ten years.

It would be interesting to hear what green technologies are the most popular in your country.  What do you feel would be the best solutions - be the most efficient given your country’s resources and make the most impact?


Green Technologies

I have recently been asigned to our companys substainability project, so will be helping our company to achieve our target to reduce our CO2 omissions by 40%.

There was an interesting documentary on BBC (UK) about Tesco's efforts to reduce their footprint


Green Technologies

That's quite a reduction!  What options are being investigated by your company to achieve this target? 

Thanks for posting the link too.  I've just had a quick view and it seems like Tesco is talking about using a variety of methods that may have a small effect on their own, but overall may achieve big reductions, such as using more natural light in their stores, using methane powered trucks and transporting more goods by train and barge to cut their road usage.